European Union Politics

Auteur: J. Mccormick

ISBN13: 9781137453389

This major new text provides an engaging introduction to all aspects of politics and policy in the European Union. The author's lively and student-friendly style brings the subject to life, giving readers a sense of the colour of EU politics and its impact on people's lives. John McCormick examines the history, institutions, processes and policies of the European Union. He analyses where the EU stands in today's world, set in the context of globalization, EU enlargement and Europe's changing role on the world stage. In addition, the book focuses on the mechanisms by which Europeans engage with the EU and reviews public opinion in member states - both about integration itself and a range of broader issues. Each chapter contains a wide range of features to support and reinforce learning: * Photos and descriptions of events, thinkers and political actors * Integrated coverage of theory * Breakdowns of key debates * Chapter summaries and guides to further reading * On-page definitions and clear explanations of key concepts

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