Financial amp Managerial Accounting

Auteur: Jerry J. Weygandt

ISBN13: 9781118334263

<i><b>Financial and Managerial Accounting, 2nd Edition</b></i> provides students with a clear introduction to fundamental accounting concepts. The Second Edition helps students get the most out of their accounting course by<b>making practice simple</b>. Both in the print text and online in <i>WileyPLUS</i><i>with ORION</i> new opportunities for self-guided practice allow students to check their knowledge of accounting concepts, skills, and problem solving techniques and receive personalized feedback at the question, learning objective, and course level. Newly<b>streamlined learning objectives</b> help students use their study time efficiently by creating a clear connections between the reading and video content, and the practice, homework, and assessments questions.<br><br><i><b>Weygandt, Financial and Managerial Accounting</b></i> is ideal for a two-semester Financial and Managerial Accounting sequence where students spend equal time learning financial and managerial accounting concepts, and learn the accounting cycle from a corporate perspective. This program begins by introducing students to the building blocks of the accounting cycle and builds to financial statements.<br><br>*<i>WileyPLUS</i> with ORION is sold separately from the text.

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