Rang Dales Pharmacology

Auteur: Humphrey P. Rang

ISBN13: 9780702053627

Rang & Dale's Pharmacology 8e editie is een boek van Humphrey Rang uitgegeven bij Elsevier Health Sciences. ISBN 9780702053627 <br /><br /><p> For 25 years, <b>Rang and Dale's</b> <b>Pharmacology</b> has delivered the core basic and clinical science information required by students and healthcare practitioners worldwide. Authors H. P. Rang, J. M. Ritter, R. J. Flower, and G. Henderson have ensured that the <b>8th Edition</b> of this easy-to-read, comprehensive text <b>continues the tradition of excellence</b> with new coverage of drugs affecting the skin and new components online at Student Consult. </p><ul><b></b><li><b>Get the essential pharmacology information you need </b>from one authoritative source with an outstanding global reputation for excellence.</li><b> <p> </p></b><li><b>Progress confidently through all relevant aspects of pharmacology, </b>beginning with a molecular understanding of receptors and drug actions through clinical uses of key groups of drugs.</li> <b> <p> </p></b><li><b>Find important content quickly </b>thanks to a color-coded layout that enables easy navigation and cross-referencing.</li> <b> <p> </p></b><li><b>Master difficult concepts </b>with Key Points boxes, Clinical Uses boxes, and full-color illustrations throughout.</li> </ul><ul><b></b><li><b>Stay up to date with new information in the field</b>, including an all-new chapter on drugs that affect the skin.</li><b> <p> </p></b><li><b>Take advantage of new and unique features online, </b>including 500+ chapter-specific multiple choice questions for immediate self-assessment.</li> <b> <p> </p></b><li><b>eBook version included! </b>For the first time, you can access the entire book online or offline across all devices with the Student Consult eBook!</li> </ul><p> Build your basic and clinical pharmacology knowledge with a comprehensive yet easy-to-use text </p>

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