Critical Thinking a concise guide 4th edition

Auteur: Tracy Bowell

ISBN13: 9780415820929

Critical Thinking 4e editie is een boek van Tracy Bowell uitgegeven bij Taylor & Francis Ltd. ISBN 9780415820929 <br /><br />We are frequently confronted with <i>arguments</i>. Arguments are attempts to persuade us ? to influence our beliefs and actions ? by giving us reasons to believe this or that.<i>Critical Thinking: A Concise Guide</i> will equip students with the concepts and techniques used in the identification, analysis and assessment of arguments. Through precise and accessible discussion, this book provides the tools to become a successful critical thinker, one who can act and believe in accordance with good reasons, and who can articulate and make explicit those reasons.<p> </p><p> </p>Key topics discussed include:<p> </p><p> </p><ul><p> </p><li>core concepts in argumentation </li><li>how language can serve to obscure or conceal the real content of arguments; how to distinguish argumentation from rhetoric</li><li>how to avoid common confusions surrounding words such as ?truth?, ?knowledge? and ?opinion?</li><li>how to identify and evaluate the most common types of argument</li><li>how to distinguish good reasoning from bad in terms of deductive validly and induction.<p> </p></li></ul><p> </p>This fourth edition has been revised and updated throughout, with a new introduction for each chapter and up-to-date topical examples. Particular revisions include: practical reasoning; understanding quantitative data, statistics, and the rhetoric used about them; scientific reasoning; the connection to formal logic and the logic of probability; conditionals; ambiguity; vagueness; slippery slope arguments; and arguments by analogy.<p> </p><p> </p>The dynamic Routledge <i>Critical Thinking</i> companion website provides thoroughly updated resources for both instructors and students including new examples and case studies, flashcards, sample questions, practice questions and answers, student activities and a testbank of questions for use in the classroom. <p> </p>

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