Organic Chemistry

Auteur: Paula Y Bruice

ISBN13: 9780321853103

Now with GradeTracker to provide flexible gradebook functionality for instructors who wish to use it. The text-specific Companion Website for Organic Chemistry, Fifth Edition has been thoroughly updated and enhanced from the previous edition, and provides students with a collection of learning and assessment tools for each chapter. The Companion Website for the Fifth Edition includes: / The newly assembled Student Tutorials quiz gallery. Each question contains a visual animation or interactive tutorial, then asks a question about it, and provides feedback that includes links back to the relevant section of the book. By providing assessment tightly wrapped around the tutorial elements, including feedback on incorrect responses, and references to the book, the concept is reinforced. See the associated icons within the text, at point of use. / A Molecule Gallery, with a vast selection of 3-D (Chime) renderings of most of the important molecules in the text. Students can rotate the molecule in three dimensions, change its representation, and explore its structure in detail. / Exercise Sets and Quizzes with hints and instant feedback, including links to relevant sections from the book. / The MCAT Study Guide consists of 200 questions, and can be a vital career resource. / For students who are using ChemOffice Ltd., a workbook featuring ChemOffice Exercises is also available on the Website. Collaborators for this edition's Website are Christine Hermann (Radford University), Brian Groh (Minnesota State University, Mankato), Bette A. Kreuz (The University of Michigan--Dearborn), Ron Wikholm (The University of Connecticut), and Christopher Hadad (The Ohio State University).

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