Global Marketing

Auteur: Svend Hollensen

ISBN13: 9780273726227

Drawing on an incomparable breadth of international examples, Svend Hollensen not only demonstrates how global marketing works, but also how it relates to real decisions around the world. <br /><br />Extensive coverage of hot topics such as blue ocean strategy; celebrity branding; brand piracy; and viral marketing. <ul class="default_listitem"><li style="display:inline;">Brand new case studies focus on globally recognised brands and companies operating in a number of countries, including IKEA, Philips, Nokia, Guinness and Cereal Partners Worldwide. <br /><br /></li><li style="display:inline;">All new video cases accompany every chapter and are available at, featuring such firms as Nike, Starbucks, BMW, Ford and McDonalds. </li></ul>

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