Auteur: Andrew Burrows

ISBN13: 9780199691852

Unique among introductory chemistry texts, <em>Chemistry\xb3,</em> Second Edition, is written by a team of chemists to give equal coverage of organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry--coverage that is uniformly authoritative throughout. A special feature is the mechanistic approach to organic chemistry, rather than the old-fashioned "functional group" approach.<br><br><em>Chemistry\xb3</em> tackles two issues pervading chemistry education: students' mathematical skills, and their ability to see the subject as a single, unified discipline. It provides structured support, in the form of careful explanations, reminders of key mathematical concepts, step-by-step calculations in worked examples, and a Maths Toolkit, to help students get to grips with the essential mathematical element of chemistry.<br><br>Frequent cross-references highlight the connections between each strand of chemistry and explain the relationship between the topics so that students can develop an understanding of the subject as a whole.<br><br>An accompanying <strong>Companion Website</strong><em> </em>( offers a variety of resources:<br><br><em>For students:</em><br>- Interactive and animation-based activities<br>- Fully worked answers to many questions from the book<br>- 3D rotatable molecular structures <br>- Interactive 3D animations of key reactions<br>- Videos <br>- Links to relevant video content<br>- Learning outcomes, summaries, and key equations for each chapter<br>- A "Transition to Chemistry" site<br><br><em>For instructors </em>(registered adopters of the book)<br>- A test bank of multiple-choice questions<br>- Downloadable illustrations from the book

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