Concise Oxford English Dictionary

Auteur: Oxford Dictionaries

ISBN13: 9780199601080

Authoritative and up to date, the Concise Oxford English Dictionary offers unsurpassed coverage of English, perfect for anyone who needs a handy, reliable resource for home, school, or office.<br /><br />The Concise Oxford English Dictionary is one of the most popular choices in Oxford's renowned dictionary line. Now in print through its various editions for a century it has been selected by decades of users for its up-to-date and authoritative coverage of the English language.<br /><br />This centenary edition of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary presents the most accurate picture of English today. It contains over 240,000 words, phrases, and definitions, providing superb coverage of contemporary English, including rare, historical, and archaic terms, technical and scientific vocabulary, and English from around the world. The dictionary has been updated with hundreds of new words--including social networking, sub-prime, and carbon footprint--all based on the latest research from the Oxford English Corpus. In addition, the dictionary features an engaging new center section, with quick-reference word lists (containing, for example, lists of Fascinating Words and Onomatopoeic Words), and a revised and updated English Uncovered supplement, which examines interesting facts about the English language. Sprinkled throughout the text are intriguing Word Histories, detailing the origins and development of numerous words. The volume also retains such popular features as the hundreds of usage notes which give advice on tricky vocabulary and pointers to help you improve your use of English. Finally, the dictionary contains full appendices on topics such as alphabets, currencies, electronic English, and the registers of language (from formal to slang), plus a useful Guide to Good English with advice on grammar, punctuation, and spelling. <br /><br />Explore our language resources on, Oxford's hub for dictionaries and language reference.<br /><br />Dit is de twaalfde druk van het befaamde Oxford woordenboek, The Concise Oxford English Dictionary. Dit Engelse woordenboek is perfect voor ieder die een handige en betrouwbare bron nodig heeft, voor op school, thuis of op kantoor. Met meer dan 240.000 woorden, uitdrukkingen en definities, omvat dit woordenboek van Oxford een super goede dekking van de huidige Engelse taal. Hiernaast bevat het woordenboek ook appendixen over onderwerpen als alfabetten, valuta\u2019s en meer. Ook bevat het een handige \u2018Guide to Good English\u2019 waarin advies wordt gegeven over grammatica, interpunctie en spelling.

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