Social Research

Auteur: Singleton

ISBN13: 9780195394610

Thoroughly revised and updated, the 5th International Edition of this successful text offers a wealth of new research examples and references, accessible diagrams of essential concepts and processes, and extended coverage of core methods and recent developments. Striking a balance between specific techniques and the underlying logic of scientific inquiry, Approaches to Social Research, 5th International Edition, provides a lucid treatment of the four major approaches to research - experimentation, survey research, field research, and the use of available data. While advocating a multiple-methods strategy that treats these approaches as complementary rather than mutually exclusive, the book contains a detailed account of the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.<br /><br />New to this edition:<br /><br />- A streamlined Table of Contents, combining the chapters on experimentation and experimental design and the chapters on survey research and survey instrumentation.<br />- An Appendix on Writing Research Reports.<br />- An ethics chapter written specifically for an international audience.<br />- Updated end-of-chapter review questions.<br />- Many new and updated examples and data throughout.

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