Understanding Flight Second Edition

Auteur: David W. Anderson

ISBN13: 9780071626965

"<strong>Discover how planes get--and stay--airborne</strong></p>Now you can truly master an understanding of the phenomenon of flight. This practical guide is the most intuitive introduction to basic flight mechanics available.<em>Understanding Flight</em>, Second Edition, explains the principles of aeronautics in terms, descriptions, and illustrations that make sense--without complicated mathematics. Updated to include helicopter flight fundamentals and aircraft structures, this aviation classic is required reading for new pilots, students, engineers, and anyone fascinated with flight.</p><em>Understanding Flight</em>, Second Edition, covers: </p><ul><li><div style=""margin:0in 0in 0pt"">Physics of flight</div></li><li><div style=""margin:0in 0in 0pt"">Wing design and configuration</div></li><li><div style=""margin:0in 0in 0pt"">Stability and control</div></li><li><div style=""margin:0in 0in 0pt"">Propulsion</div></li><li><div style=""margin:0in 0in 0pt"">High-speed flight</div></li><li><div>Performance and safety</div></li><li><div style=""margin:0in 0in 0pt"">Aerodynamic testing</div></li><li><div>Helicopters and autogyros</div></li><li><div>Aircraft structures and materials</div></li></ul> </p>"

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